Dog Love

Daisy, our toy poodle, became part of the family 2 years ago, shortly after Jerry and I were married. I bought her, a pocket sized puppy, at the groomers, where I had taken my 15 pound long haired black cat to have fur mats removed. I had planned for some time to get a female toy poodle because I love my daughter’s male toy poodle, Fluffy, and I wanted him to have a wife. My daughter has been house sitting for me this summer with Fluffy. It is our dearest wish that we have puppies from Fluffy.

In Yukon Territory, about half way home from Alaska, with Jerry driving the big GMC pickup, and Daisy on my lap, I noticed that she was in heat. I hoped we would get home before the magic moment had passed. Fluffy, at 7, isn’t getting any younger, and to our knowledge has had no experience in the art of canine love. (Actually, to be honest, Fluffy had once tried, without success because of height differential, to mount a large golden retriever puppy called Butter).

Fluffy and Daisy had met at the end of April, before we went to Alaska, and had shown some slight hostility which we put down to jealousy. When they met anew in early September it was a different story. Love at first sight. Daisy danced around him, presenting her backside, wiggling enticingly and considerately moving her little tufted tail aside. With pheromones floating in the breeze, ancient dog behavior genes clicked on. Since Daisy is slightly more petite than Fluffy, it was a good match and they went at it hot and heavy.

We are still unsure of the success of this project. Jerry, who was never enthusiastic, came in from the back yard one day and said with disgust, “They’re stuck.” That was 5 or 6 days after we got back. Now my daughter and I check frequently for signs of pregnancy. There’s nothing conclusive so far.

Fluffy and Daisy have settled back into a routine life of intense excitement over feeding and the possession of toys, and reluctant obedience when told, “Bedtime!” They trot quietly to their large cage fitted with 2 soft cat beds. My daughter is leaving for England for a few months, sadly saying goodbye to her dear friend Fluffy. We hope for a couple (or more) puppies by the time she returns.

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  1. Well, OK. . . are their puppies in the “offing?”

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