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Visiting Steve

I started writing this on my birthday trip to visit my son, Steve, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I was 77 last Sunday. Three weeks ago my son was 56. He is still a surprise, a worry and a … Continue reading

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A meme

    Okay, this is a fad, but it was an easy way to construct a post. I found this meme at The Other Side of Sixty, a blog I enjoy.     I tried to get Jerry to do this … Continue reading

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Life’s flotsam

Tomorrow I fly away again, this time to Charleston, SC to visit my doctor son, my eldest child.  The day before a trip is always a restless one.  There are a hundred things I should do to get ready.  First … Continue reading

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Hormonal warning!

Jerry reads The Drudge Report for some reason that I haven’t figured out, but every now and then he comes up with something.  Here’s today’s tid-bit.   An article entitled Credit crisis could crunch men’s testosterone: doctor, (note the clever … Continue reading

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          February is the month when the light begins to change.  Days are longer and here in the Northwest there are spells of bright, clear weather.  The sun, still low in the sky, slants through the … Continue reading

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Political house party

Around Lummi   To make this post more interesting I’m including some pictures taken on the island where I live.                       Last Sunday I had one of those parties at my … Continue reading

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Life and food, part 4

I was 42 when I finished my Ph. D.  Then I spent 9 months in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California Medical School in the Anatomy Department working as a post doctoral fellow.  A group from the department … Continue reading

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I was going to say something else, but what was it?

Jerry and I lost a day last week.  That’s what happens when you get old and don’t have a job to do.  Here’s how we discovered the loss.  Jerry got an email from a friend in Arizona asking whether we had … Continue reading

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