Hormonal warning!

Jerry reads The Drudge Report for some reason that I haven’t figured out, but every now and then he comes up with something.  Here’s today’s tid-bit.


An article entitled Credit crisis could crunch men’s testosterone: doctor, (note the clever alliteration) warns that stress caused by the financial downturn could make male testosterone levels fall.  The doctor is one Richard Petty, director of the London men’s health clinic.


However, the article goes on to point out, this will be a long term effect.  In the short term testosterone levels will rise, readying super virile males to thrust themselves into the battle to save the banks and the mortgage markets.


Inevitably, of course, they will fail, become despondent and chronically stressed, and then their testosterone will fade.  Then they will be lethargic and irritable.  They will be unable to concentrate, and they will have reduced libido.


It will be for us, sister females, who are quite accustomed to hormonal fluctuations, to care for our weakened brothers (husbands, fathers, etc.)  Dr. Petty says they will need lots of rest, good food, and exercise.  Meanwhile, we can valiantly stimulate the economy by buying lots of stuff.


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6 Responses to Hormonal warning!

  1. Jan says:

    Oh, does this mean that I will get to stand around and roll my eyes and sigh and ask if he’s taken his hormones, then suggest that he’s just not getting enough sex?

    Oh, wait, that means he’ll get to bludgeon me with a skillet while he alternately curses like a sailor and weeps hysterically.

    Never mind.

  2. Duchess says:

    I think the good doctor must have been examining our Prime Minister…

  3. BE says:

    I think we can assume some level of prejudice based on the Doctor’s name – 250 miles an hour for a few hundred laps and the big CRASH!



  4. debby says:

    Oh, just give them a hammer and let them go pound something for a while.

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