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Away to the north

I’m on my way, won’t be back for many a day.    Life is not perfect.  The house is not as clean and tidy as I wish.  I will certainly have forgotten things which I would regard as essential.  I … Continue reading

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Bedtime stories

I read to Jerry almost every night when we go to bed.  It makes him fall asleep easily and quickly.  However, I have to find the right sort of thing to read.  Some things put him to sleep too quickly, … Continue reading

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Getting ready to go to Alaska

Jerry discovered the Rubaiyat.  We were talking about what to take to Alaska in the way of food, and for starters came up with bread and wine.  I quoted Omar, “A book of verse beneath the bough, a jug of … Continue reading

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Showing Deborah my world

One of my favorite cousins, Deborah, just visited.  She was only with me for 2 days, but I put a lot of effort into preparing, and my whole attention was riveted on her while she was here.  She came with … Continue reading

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I’m still here

I’m here.  I haven’t forgotten my blog and my blog friends.  I am just busy.   My dear cousin Deborah has been visiting with her “boyfriend”.  The quotation marks are because it’s difficult to know what to call that sort … Continue reading

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The Turnip Theory of evolution

Jerry, who spent his youth in the wilds of Alaska and refers to himself as “early man,” keeps me informed about provocative articles in The Economist, especially as they relate to human evolution and other topics in science. This week’s … Continue reading

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