Away to the north

I’m on my way, won’t be back for many a day.


 Life is not perfect.  The house is not as clean and tidy as I wish.  I will certainly have forgotten things which I would regard as essential.  I worry that they will complain at the border about various foodstuffs we have if they bother to look.  I don’t have warm boots for subzero temperatures on the way up.  We don’t have much Canadian cash and our cards don’t work in many Canadian machines.  That might mean we would have to spend US money which is worth slightly more than Canadian.


But these things are minor.  My feet will be okay.  They never look in the truck.  We probably have remembered the main things.  I am excited about going.  Even at 77 the anticipation of a trip is a thing of great pleasure, as it always was from the earliest time I remember.


My art show went well.  I sold 3 pieces for a total of $1400.  Every one had a good time.  The wine cost $88 and that was Rich’s wholesale cost – 13 bottles were consumed, plus a lot of munchies.  I think about 50 people showed up.  Those are the statistics.  The intangibles were that it was fun, and everyone was jolly and complemented my work.  Rich said from all angles it was the best art event he had hosted.


My grandson came up from Seattle with his wife who is incubating my first great grandchild.  That definitely deserves a post of its own.


My lawyer daughter came from Whidbey Island.  I made steak dinner for the lot after the show.


If I get connected in Alaska I will put some pictures of the work in the show on the blog.  I have no time now to fool with it.


I will miss all you fellow bloggers.  I really hope I get connected in Manley Hot Springs. 


Till then, lots of love.  

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12 Responses to Away to the north

  1. Jan says:

    Oh, I hope you’re able to get connected while in the wilds of Alaska, too – I’d love to hear more about the show and see some of your work!

    Have a safe and pleasant trip, Anne. I will miss you!

  2. Alan G says:


    Congratulations on the successful show and you all enjoy yourselves!!

  3. dale says:

    🙂 Have a grand trip! We’ll miss you. And yes, congratulations on the show!

  4. anne says:

    Have a great trip and blog soon!

  5. Old Woman says:

    Thanks to all. Now is time to unplug the laptop.

  6. Looking forward to your next visit to us out here–and pictures. Enjoy!

  7. zuleme says:

    I hope you manage to get connected in Alaska, I’d love to see your art work.

  8. I’m late in my blog reading and you are well on your way or maybe already there. Safe travels and congrats on your new great grandmotherhood.

  9. rosie says:

    yes please…some of your work

  10. Congratulations on your art show! that’s great!

  11. Dick says:

    Bon voyage et bon retour!

  12. Old Woman says:

    Thanks to you all. I’m online at the Washateria from time to time.

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