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Subsistence living?

When I started writing this I thought I was asking the question “Should a subsistence lifestyle be subsidized by society?” I began to realize that first I had to ask the question, “What is a subsistence lifestyle?” I have been … Continue reading

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A shopping trip to Fairbanks

On Friday we went to Fairbanks.  We left at 9 in the morning, after putting together what we needed for an overnight stay.  We didn’t have a fire in the wood stove that morning, and Jerry turned off the well … Continue reading

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Mah Jongg and social life

On Sunday evening Jerry drove me to Mah Jongg. He doesn’t trust me to drive the truck on snowy roads where there is little room to turn around. The game was at Dana’s house, where inside it was warm and … Continue reading

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Sled dogs and poodles

We couldn’t drive our truck up to the house until the driveway was plowed. In the meantime it was parked across the road along with 5 trucks belonging to dog mushers, here for the “Spring Festival” in Tanana. Joee Redington, … Continue reading

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Only connect

For the first few days we were here I was not feeling well. I found the trip strenuous and the long hours in the car tiring. Jerry has had some of the same malaise, and we may have a minor … Continue reading

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The trip account

We got up at 5.  I had actually been awake since 3, knowing that I would have to be up so early.  I changed the bed sheets for the house sitter, made some bacon, and collected last minute items to … Continue reading

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