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There is a note to each of these. 

Celebration was done from a photograph I took of friends from my graduate school days, Frank and Carol.  Frank was my lab buddy.  He did his Ph.D. dissertation on possum testicles.  He used to collect them, embed them in resin, and make earrings out of them for ladies he admired.  He was celebrating passing his oral examination when this was taken.


Insomnia was constructed from 2 images made in a class on computer graphics.  The figure was drawn with a computer mouse on a mouse pad from a model.  That was a lot of fun.  The sheep was from a photo I took at my friend Penny’s farm and manipulated with an ancient paint program.  I never really understood what I was doing in that class.  I put the two images together on a piece of plywood and made a reductive woodcut. 

Dear Family
Dear Family

Dear Family was done after the death of my step-mother who was killed in an automobile accident.  The car she and my father were driving to take her to a dentist appointment at 1 o’clock in the afternoon was hit by a drunk driver.  She was killed instantly.  My father was in the hospital and then recovering at my house for 3 months.  This is the poem:

Dear Family,
When you read these words
Wrap me in a sheet
Bury me in the woods
If the authorities permit.
Plant me so that I may grow
Not like a rose or hibiscus
But like a Jack-in-the-pulpit,
Or Lady Slipper, or some other
Singular inflourescence of the shade.
I leave you my things in accordance
With Florida Law.  If I have made a mistake
Forgive me.  You will find my tears,
Recycled, in the upper reaches of my soul.
You may all use them.
Feed the cat in the morning and in the evening. 

Sheep was done from more sheep photos taken at Penny’s farm in southern Virginia.  I think I have about a thousand pictures of sheep.


Rabbit and Fox were drawn from images on a tapestry at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


The pony, man, and dog were from a photo I took at a fair, I think in Burton-on-the-Water when my grandchildren were small. 

Balboa park
Balboa park

Balboa Park is, obviously, partly from my imagination, and partly from a photo I took in Balboa Park of a musician.

The tropics
The tropics

The tropics is to illustrate another poem:

The tropics dark with monkeys
Dusty winds rattling
Through palmfronds.  Glowing peacocks lurking
In the gloom — staccato rushing
Of pigs and chickens
In a strange twilight
Without rain or sun.
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14 Responses to More art

  1. Celeste Maia says:

    These are remarkable! Both “Celebration” and “Insomnia” are my favorites. I am tasting your colors as if they are food. I loved the sheep with an ear for music too.

  2. Friko says:

    I love your animal and bird pictures. Do you have any work for sale? And whose poems are these? If they are your’s then you are very talented indeed.

  3. Annie says:

    Oh I love it all! The rabbit and the fox look so elegant, the sheep so spiritual. Never thought I’d say that about a sheep!

  4. Friko says:

    Me again, to say sorry about the wayward apostrophe. If anyone else does that I get very irritated.My excuse is that it’s very late and I’ve just come home from a dinner party.

  5. beth says:

    How wonderful to see this artistic aspect of you! I especially like “Celebration,” and it feels familiar in time and ambience. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. dale says:

    How wonderful! And what a range!

  7. Old Woman says:

    I thank you all for your comments. I feel as if I should make a disclaimer, though. I have selected from a lifetime of work. These are some of my best. I have drawers full of really bad stuff. And a fair bit of bad poetry too. I have not written that much poetry. Those two are some that I like well enough to let people see.

    I still have a few of these prints for sale, though many of them are sold.

    Friko, I do that thing with the apostrophe quite often. I think it’s an automatic typing error. One wouldn’t do it with pen and paper.

  8. Marja-Leena says:

    Enjoying seeing more of your lovely work. Celebration is my fave in this group. What you say about a lifetime of work containing good and bad is true for most artists, in my view. These are all prints, are they? Amazing colour work!

  9. Grannymar says:

    I love the sheep and the idea of the family poem.

  10. Natalie says:

    Anne! You are so versatile and inventive. I love your eagerness to try new things. My favourites of these are the big blue sheep, Insomnia, and Celebration. I hope you’ll keep on creating and exploring – never mind the cluttered studio!

  11. Jan says:

    Okay, the whole possum testicle thing just cracked me up.

    Now, having said that, I love Insomnia and Sheep. And The Tropics – it looks like something by Van Gogh.

  12. Old Woman says:

    Marja-Leena and Natalie, praise from other artists means so much. Thank you.

    Jan, I’m so glad someone noticed the possum testicles. I really should have described them. They are like little marbles, completely round. I was always sorry that I didn’t get a pair of the earrings, but they were a fair bit of trouble to make and Frank saved them for love offerings. I was married and pregnant during most of our friendship.

  13. zuleme says:

    Here people make jewelry from moose droppings.
    I like your art very much and also the Family poem. Maybe because it ends with a reminder to feed the cat.
    Anyone who does art or writes has drawers of bad stuff, just the way it is. But your good stuff is very good indeed. Somewhat Chagall like.

  14. annie says:

    I love them all but especially the ones with animals, and Insomia hits home with me. Your poetry is remarkable, and Dear Family brought a tear to my eye. thank you for sharing your life with us.

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