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Goodbye, Ted

Edward M Kennedy, February 22, 1932 — August 25, 2009. He was a lion, he was a prince, he worked for all of us all his life.  He worked for the old and the poor for working men and women, … Continue reading

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Sunday morning. I sit at my desk, looking out on the back yard.  The bird feeders are filled and soon birds will come to stuff themselves.  Not bright spring birds, dressed in orange, yellow, red and pink courting plumage, but … Continue reading

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Health Care, Aug 20, Time Goes By Challange

Today I spent some time trying to understand why so many people say we in the United States have the best health care in the world.  I looked up some statistics.  First, I checked the adult mortality rate:  your chances of … Continue reading

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Summer is ending; what’s next?

I come home from trips and fall back into my soft routine.  It goes like this:  Up in the morning at 6:30 or 7:00.  Let dogs and cat out.  Make bed, quick shower, get dressed.  Jerry has started tea for … Continue reading

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What shall we call it?

In one of my former lives I was a scientist.  I was a second rate scientist, because I was too lazy to learn the math needed to be a first rate one, and too disorganized and easily bored to be … Continue reading

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New York! New York!

I arrived in New York, to be there during my son’s operation on his neck, last Wednesday afternoon. I flew into grubby Kennedy International Airport.  I stood in line waiting for a cab.  “Where you wanna go?” the dispatcher shouted … Continue reading

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Since I came home

Here are two things that made me happy since I came home.  I saw the frog while I was watering.  The baby to come will be my first great grandchild. A lot has happened since I came home. My third … Continue reading

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Inside the narrow boat

Several people have asked to see pictures of the inside of the Duchess’ boat.  I only have a couple and they don’t do justice to its cosy comfort, but here they are.  The first was taken on Boxing Day 2 … Continue reading

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