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Frabjous day

Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay.  My computer works again. Here’s the story of what happened to it.  About a week ago when I was working on my blog the virus protection screen came up suddenly and said the computer had … Continue reading

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A year of my blog

I started this blog one year ago.  My daughter helped me; in fact she suggested it. I have tried some writing in the past.  (Not counting scientific papers.)  Since I was a kid I have occasionally written short stories.  At … Continue reading

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Riding the passenger ferry

Jerry and I had dentist appointments on Thursday.  We took the foot ferry to town early so we could get some errands done before the dentist.  After the dentist we like to go to Barns and Noble for a treat. … Continue reading

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And now more art

This is a graphite pencil drawing.  It is large, on a 22 x 30 piece of Arches.  I did it in art school in advanced drawing class.  It was a long project, taking most of the quarter.  I arranged the … Continue reading

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The salmon are running, the Ferry isn’t

Seasons change slowly here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not like in Alaska where it’s hot and never dark in summer.  There flowers erupt sequentially in frantic bursts: wild irises, bluebells, wild roses, delphiniums and finally fireweed, together with sudden swarms of monarch butterflies … Continue reading

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Death and funerals

I have been thinking a lot about death lately.  Not in a panic or a depression, but in a more analytical or contemplative way.  Perhaps I am coming to terms with death’s finality and its reality.   There are a … Continue reading

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