Life marches on

The bathroom is finished (well almost finished).

New bathroom shower

New bathroom shower

It is a truly comfortable and beautiful room, and Jerry and I made it ourselves.

New Bathroom bath side

New Bathroom bath side

The wood stove is installed (almost installed).

New wood burning stove

New wood burning stove

In a few minutes I will cut Jerry’s hair.  Then I will have lunch with daughter 1 at the Lummi Island Civic Club (all ladies).  This afternoon, after the luncheon, I will finish packing and then cook dinner.

What I am taking

What I am taking

Next I will play Mah Jongg with our island group.  Tomorrow morning all three of us (Jerry, me, daughter 1) will go to the doctor to have Jerry’s stitches out (he had some minor skin cancers removed).  Then we will go to Costco to buy a video camera.  Then daughter 1 will drop us at the airport where we will catch a bus for Vancouver where we will board a plane headed for New Zealand.  We will lose the 14th of November.  On Sunday morning we will arrive in Auckland at 6 AM.

I will take my laptop with me, and I hope to be able to post sometimes in New Zealand.  Perhaps I will learn to post videos.

I’ll be thinking of you all.

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17 Responses to Life marches on

  1. Friko says:

    Have a grand time and when you come back you can have a bath in your new bathroom, then snuggle up with Jerry in front of the log burner.

    Cosy or what!

  2. Darlene says:

    Have a safe and enjoyable journey. I’ll bet there will be times that you wish you could step into your own lovely bathroom. It must give you great pride to know that you did it all yourselves.

  3. dale says:

    Oh, I’m jealous! I’ve wanted to visit New Zealand for forty years, never got there. Look at the Southern stars for me!

  4. Marja-Leena says:

    Gorgeous bathroom with all your artwork too, and cozy stove! Are you flying from Vancouver, Canada? I know the flights to NZ are now direct from here, so we are thinking of a trip sometime with our dear friends who are originally from NZ. Have a fabulous trip!

  5. Annie says:

    Happy trails, looking forward to blog posts from NZ!

    And that is one gorgeous bathroom

  6. Alan G says:

    You all did a great job on the bathroom and shower. And that stove really looks cozy!

    Hope you have a great trip. Look forward to hearing from you from time to time and I know you all will have an enjoyable trip. You all will be getting there at the beginning of summer so that will be nice! 🙂

  7. Jan says:

    The bathroom looks gorgeous!

    It never occurred to me that you would lose an entire day traveling to New Zealand, but it does make sense. I hope you have a wonderful time in that beautiful country – I wish I could go with you.

  8. The bathroom looks beautiful. Have a great time on your travels. I look forward to hearing all about them.

  9. wisewebwoman says:

    How can you possibly leave that gorgeous bathroom?
    Bon v’s on your trip, tell us all about it!!

  10. Mage B says:

    Oh, what lovely, juicy stuff. A new shower, a new tub, a new stove, and best of all a New Zealand.

  11. Duchess says:

    Anyone know where Old Zealand is?

  12. Oh – New Zealand! The very top destination on my wish list! I’m incredibly jealous! Also? I need a total re-do on both of our upstairs bathrooms. Have any extra time to work on them for me? Ha!

  13. i recently got a pellet stove and it is great. Keeps my house very warm. If I wanted to keep my house this warm with oil it would cost a fortune.

  14. Dick says:

    It all looks wonderful, Anne. I wish the installation of our bathroom and woodburner were as close to completion!

    Looking forward to bulletins from NZ.

  15. Tessa says:

    Duchess, I’m thinking Old Zealand might be Zeeland, in Holland.

  16. That is an AWESOME bathroom — I wish ours looked like that!

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