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A Long (sorry) Ferry Rant

In less than 3 weeks we will know whether the Whatcom Chief, our brave little ferry, will be taking us on an hour long journey through dangerous waters when we go to the mainland.  For more than 100 years it … Continue reading

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Cats, specifically, black ones

There is at this time nothing new on the ferry, except that the county put out a press release saying that on the 26 th of this month the ferry and crew will practice docking in Fairhaven, a voyage of … Continue reading

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It’s the ferry, stupid

Those of you who don’t live on Lummi Island, the center of the universe, may believe that there are important news items to think about: things like health care, earthquakes, unemployment, or even the fact that the space station toilet … Continue reading

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My favorite among the long gone Burma Shave ads (a series of highway posts, each with a line of doggerel) was one that read: In this vale Of toil and sin Your head grows bald But not your chin. Burma … Continue reading

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It was good, but I may never do it again!

Christmas is over.  We have celebrated the new year at 3 different parties.  For one of the best, check out .  My poor plants are again being watered, and the birds are getting regular replenishment of seed and suet.  … Continue reading

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