Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Sunday night we spent our first night in the camper.  We had driven the 2 hour drive to Whidbey Island for Easter dinner with my daughter Deborah.  We stayed for a trial run (sleep) in her driveway.

The center of attention was baby Julian, my great-grandson.

Baby Julian

Baby Julian

Baby Julian again

Baby Julian again

sitting up

sitting up

a smile

a smile

Baby Julian and great grandmother

Baby Julian and great grandmother

Baby Julian with great granny and poodle

Baby Julian with great granny and poodle

Cousin Julian lights the candles.  Dinner is almost ready.

Julian lights the candles

Julian lights the candles

When will dinner be ready?

Jerry waits for dinner

Jerry waits for dinner

Outside in the yard the Easter Bunny puts in an appearance.

Easter Bunny?

Easter Bunny?

Uncle Chris is carving the lamb.

Chris carves

Chris carves

Outside the economy keeps on keeping on.

View from the dining room window

View from the dining room window

Now dinner is over, and there’s nothing left for Lewis the cat.

Not even a crumb for a kitty

Not even a crumb for a kitty

Time for the main attraction to go home to bed.

James, Maria and Julian

James, Maria and Julian

Jerry and I took the poodles for a walk in the rain, and then we retired to our new home, the camper.  The heater worked just fine and the camper was warm in no time.  But there was hardly room in it for two people to stand up at the same time, let alone to swing a cat.  We had to undress and get ready for bed one at a time with one person sitting at the table while the other changed.  We climbed into the bed and found it reasonably comfortable.

Outside there was a storm. The wind whistled and the truck rocked gently.  We slept well, though, and when I woke up later in the night the wind had stopped.  The birds sang us awake in the morning.  Their songs mixed with the cries of seagulls.  Because the pop-up sides of the camper are fabric it seems a little like sleeping in a tent.

We thought the trial went well, but tomorrow is the real thing.  We finally leave for Alaska.

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23 Responses to Don’t say I didn’t warn you

  1. Duchess says:

    Who wants to swing a cat, anyway?

  2. Rain says:

    What a beautiful baby, The pictures are all great. You look very happy. Good luck with the trip. I hope things warm up as you go as it’s sure been a cooler and wetter than usual spring down my way.

  3. Tessa says:

    Oh dear! I think Baby Julian is going to give Jan’s G Man a run for his money in the cuteness stakes! Have a great trip and be kind to each other, in such confined quarters!

  4. Tessa says:

    Oh dear! I think Baby Julian is going to give Jan’s G Man a run for his money in the cuteness stakes! Have a great trip and be gentle with each other, in such confined quarters!

  5. Tessa says:

    Oops. Sorry for the double post … Triple now, I guess …

  6. Jan says:

    LOL – I agree, Tessa! While I’m partial to The G Man, Baby Julian is absolutely adorable!

    Duchess, you made me LOL.

    Anne, have a swift and safe trip to Alaska. We will miss you while you’re gone!

  7. Laura Carr says:

    Does this mean you won’t be posting? I sincerely hope not! Love the pictures, and even got hungry waiting for Easter Dinner 😉

    I am sure that some hilarious moments are waiting for you in those close quarters!

  8. Annie in TO says:

    What a great trial run!

    So, I guess that eliminates cat swinging from your Alaska travel plans? Oh well, could be worse…

    If you’re going through Dease Lake again, one of my all time favourite BC campgrounds is Boya Lake just past Dease Lake on highway 37. Don’t know if it is open this early though…

  9. Darlene says:

    Baby Julian is simply scrumptious. He is a beautiful baby and I know how thrilled you must have been to be holding him.

    I’m glad you had time there before heading out. Have a very safe and enjoyable journey. I wish for you fair weather.

  10. Kay Dennison says:

    My favorite photo is the one of you and Julian!!! He’s darling!!!!!

    Glad the trial went well. Be safe and have a great trip!!!!!

  11. Lavenderbay says:

    Great selection of photos of Julian — pensive, goofy, Put-me-down-so-I-can-play-with-the-dog…
    Glad to hear your camper is working out for you.

  12. Mage B says:

    What a handsome young man and great grandma. Delightful. So glad the camper worked well tho cramped. 🙂

  13. Marja-Leena says:

    Gorgeous great grandson! Such lovely photos of everyone. Glad the camping test worked out though cramped but you’ll get used to it. Wishing you well on the drive up to Alaska, and hope you’ll be able to send us a blog post or three.

  14. maria says:

    Cat swinging is overrated anyway… Wonderful to see these pictures and hear that all went well on this first leg of the journey.

  15. Just spent three days reading from beginning to current date and feel as if I know you. Have left comments along the way. Thank you for your generous spirit and sharing your life….it’s fascinating.

    Bon voyage, go well and look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  16. pauline says:

    Going on someone else’s trips is always such fun! Baby Julian is adorable, you hardly look like a great granny, and I hope the rest of your trip lives up to the auspicious beginning!

  17. Hattie says:

    The baby is adorable. You are all exceptionally attractive people, and your surroundings are lovely.
    I love seeing pix like this. My childen have forbidden me to post personal photos on my blog, although I may do so on Facebook!
    I’m jealous of your cmper adventure, even the storm! I want to go to Alaska some day.

  18. How could you be around a baby this adorable and NOT take photos?

  19. Dick says:

    Great family pics, Anne, and what a beautiful baby.

  20. wisewebwoman says:

    Oh lovely photos Anne, thanks for the share. Oh I’d have to love a man awful much to share that kind of space with him for the time you’re plannin’! Brave woman.
    Keep in touch from the road, the adventure begins!!


  21. Darling, darling baby. Like the others, the picture of you and him is wonderful. Most of my photos with grandkids feature my spouse as the camera is in my hands. Think it’s important to have images of us as we age with our young offspring.

    Great grandmother! I’m so impressed with the way you’re still thinking/painting/writing–excellent model.

  22. m.e says:

    playing with the baby…waking up to the birds…what a wonderful vacation!!!

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