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My tenuous brush with the literati and how I got an A- from Nabokov

I don’t know the names of many movie stars, or other entertainment “celebrities” I don’t watch TV.  I get my news from NPR and the Economist and the New York Times, and I read The New Yorker and Science.  My … Continue reading

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What shall (should) I write about?

What shall I write about?  That’s a question I think about whenever I sit down to work on a post.  What’s the right kind of thing to put on a blog, or rather, what’s the right thing for me to … Continue reading

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The strange story of John

I met John on an airplane in the year 2000.  I was flying to England, in business class on frequent flyer miles.  As I stowed my bags I remarked to anyone listening that the plane was very hot.  A short … Continue reading

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Cocktails and education

Education has been my whole life.  My mother was a college professor, my stepfather was a college professor.  My step-mother was a junior high school teacher and later a school principal.  My uncle, in whose household I actually spent most … Continue reading

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Fire, rain and fatigue

There are fires all over Alaska. Though it didn’t rain much while we were there, the skies were overcast most of the time and it was cooler than usual.  No sooner had we left than the sun came out and it … Continue reading

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