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The show is almost over

Here are some of the pictures in my recent show.  It is a 2 person show with another island artist, Ingrid McGarry.  We called it The Northwest World, so all of the pieces shown were from the northwest.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Babies and birthday parties

Yesterday I attended the 1st birthday party for my great-grandson.  It was at a park near Seattle, a 2 hour drive from where I live, but I am glad I went.  The weather, which had threatened to be unkind, cleared … Continue reading

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Time and Tide

When we walked the dogs the other evening Jerry and I watched the full moon rise above the eastern mountains.  As it cleared the peaks of Sisters I had a sudden awareness of the earth turning rapidly.  We came around … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

What I have done since I last wrote a post: Had dinner at friends’ houses twice Had friends over for dinner once Hung out the wash 5 times Made breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day Saw Much Ado About … Continue reading

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