Life in the fast lane

The anniversary of my second year of blogging slipped past without my marking it with a post.  But it was marked with a big blogging event.  I had a visit from 2 of my favorite bloggers.  Tessa of Nuts and Mutton and Ruth of the Fabulous Geezer Sisters came to lummi Island and spent 2 nights with Jerry and my visiting British daughter and me.  They are both wonderful writers, both professional writers, and it was delightful to me that they wanted to come here.

As I read other peoples blogs and get to know them through their writing I learn about their lives and the way they think, but I have to invent physical attributes for them.  Sometimes there are pictures but often pictures don’t give one a clear idea of what a person looks like in the flesh.  So, of course, both Tessa and Ruth were a surprise.

I had imagined Tessa to be tall and dark, with curly hair.  She turned out to be small, about my height, with silky straight hair held back with a clip.  I had imagined Ruth to be of medium height.  I knew she was blond because of the picture on her blog, but I was surprised to find that she is tall and willowy.

It was a weekend full of interesting talk and new friendship.  We all told stories we couldn’t blog about.  The sun shone brightly, the mountains were not hidden in cloud.  I could show my beautiful island.  The grass and woods were vivid green, the water was blue, the boats’ sails white.  I am so glad Ruth and Tessa came and saw this place at its best.

I immediately plunged into other activities.  I had a dinner party, well managed by my efficient daughter. The guests were the dear woman who manages money for me and Jerry and her partner who is studying economics at Western Washington University, the smart little lady who does our taxes, and two other island clients of these ladies, my friend Ria a professional potter and a working engineer and her husband Basel who makes grave stones, jewelry and scrap metal sculptures that look like fantasy fighter jets.

The financial girls are all big and appreciative eaters.  They think I’m a wonderful cook because I give them a lot of simple food.  We had a starter I invented from left-over salmon, shrimp and mashed potatoes, then rack of lamb cooked on the grill with roast sweet potatoes, broccoli and salad.  Dessert was The Islander Store’s fine brand of lemon meringue pie.  We nibbled chocolate mints and drank after dinner wine in the living room while the poodles tried to cajole us into throwing toys.

The next event was a party in Linda’s barn where Ingrid and I displayed our paintings brought back from the gallery in Bellingham.  We both made some sales.  It was a great party, managed by my British daughter who kept glasses filled with wine and tables supplied with nibbles.  Linda, Ingrid and I each invited people from our differing circle of friends and Jyl, a professional framer and neighbor of mine, commented that it was a great mix of island elements.  Linda’s barn made a charming background for our work.

Displayed in Lindas barn

Displayed in Lindas barn

Barn party guests

Barn party guests



Yesterday my British daughter went home to England. That made me feel dull and sad, so I went to wine tasting at the Artisan Wine Gallery a short walk up the street.  There I found friends and a display of “Capella’s Pursenalities”  lovely knitted and decorated fashion purses, hanging beside shelves of fine wines.

Capellas Pursenalities

Capellas Pursenalities

Tonight Jerry and I are going to dinner at Diane and Mikes, a sort of finale to the wedding of their daughter some weeks ago.  It is a celebration for all the island friends who helped out.

Friday Jerry and I leave on the Alaska Ferry for a trip to Manley Hot Springs.  We will go as far as Haines, AK on the ferry, then drive a couple of days to Fairbanks, shop for supplies and on to Manley, a 4 hour drive.

I should have lots to blog about if I survive this whirlwind life!

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11 Responses to Life in the fast lane

  1. Tabor says:

    Congrats on the art sales and save a glass of wine for me.

  2. Darlene says:

    What a whirlwind life you lead. It all sounds so exciting. I could never keep up.

    I know the hole left in your life when a daughter leaves. My house is so quiet after company leaves and it is a sad time.

  3. Rain says:

    Wow, it wore me out just reading your list of social activities but all sounded like they were good and integrating the various aspects of your life. The work displayed in the ‘barn’ looked great.

  4. Jan says:

    I’m thinking your blog is quite aptly named. Loved the exhibit in the barn.

  5. Randy says:

    Thanks for not calling it the “Crazy Guy’s Barn.”

  6. Duchess says:

    Edited to add links to your bloggy friends…

  7. How fun! I’m looking forward to reading more Alaskan adventures.

  8. ernestine says:

    You have a wonderful life. Love reading about all that is going on. Kind of quiet here in the woods.

  9. wisewebwoman says:

    I’m hoping to meet our Tessa next time I’m in Ontario, we had such a narrow escape the last time!
    Lovely show in the Barn I felt I was there.
    bon voyage, your life is never dull, my dear.

  10. I’ve always wanted to go to a party in a barn! How fabulous!

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