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Missed the deadline

I didn’t finish the painting. I tried, but time ran out and I had to collect fancy clothes for us to wear at the wedding we are going to on Saturday in San Francisco. Jerry had a pair of black … Continue reading

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Natalie’s Challenge

I have 8 unfinished paintings. Natalie of Blaugustine suggested a new art movement — 7ism — get a piece done in 7 days. What a great idea! She suggested posting progress. I attended an art workshop with my friend Holly … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Wedding

Lawyer Daughter and I flew from Seatac to Tampa. We arrived at midnight and were met by Nancy, my second husband’s third wife — he had another one after Nancy and he is now dead. Nancy and I became good … Continue reading

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A letter to my friends

Dear Blog Friends: It is now almost 2 weeks since Bert left. Writing the previous post, in which I recounted all the events that led up to his coming and his hasty departure, proved to be remarkably cathartic. The night … Continue reading

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