Missed the deadline

I didn’t finish the painting. I tried, but time ran out and I had to collect fancy clothes for us to wear at the wedding we are going to on Saturday in San Francisco. Jerry had a pair of black shoes and a pair of black dress pants. He had no sport coat. So we went to Value Village. We got 2 sport coats, and since we were there we picked up a couple of shirts. The coats fit pretty well and the shirts looked new. They were all name brands. I thought the bill would be around $35, which is good for 2 coats and 2 shirts, but when we got to the register we only paid $16. Everything was half price because it was Veterans Day. I love Value Village.

Today I washed and ironed Jerry’s one dress shirt. I assembled my wardrobe for the wedding and 2 parties. I am planning to wear the silk Chinese jacket that my daughter Clare gave me at Sarah’s wedding. It is slightly odd looking, but old ladies can get away with that sort of thing.

Then I began to paint. I had worked on it for some time yesterday, and here is it’s present state. But I will have to finish it next week, and it will be over the 7 day limit.

Birds at the feeder, stage II

The birds are evening grossbeaks. The colors are not exactly accurate. I don’t really care about that; as I said to Jerry when he complained, it’s a painting, not a document.

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11 Responses to Missed the deadline

  1. Jan says:

    I tried that old ladies can get away with that sort of thing, but they still wouldn’t let me wear jeans to the wedding.

    Love “it’s a painting, not a document.”

  2. It is coming along beautifully. Thanks for letting me know which birds you were immortalising.

  3. Hattie says:

    I bought most of the fancy things I need for the cruise I’m going on in December at Value Village in Seattle. And a great pair of jeans, too.
    Have fun at the wedding.

  4. Ernestine says:

    Love the painting
    and the way you think…

  5. Heidi says:

    Love your birds!! They remind me of many nice afternoons, sitting on your porch and watching all the birds at your feeders! There MAY have been a little wine involved as well!! Beautiful painting!!

  6. zuleme says:

    I love the bird painting too.

  7. wisewebwoman says:

    Yes, I am a fan of VV and also GW and Sallyanne. Rah-rah!

    We get the grosbeaks in NL too and hasn’t Jerry heard of artistic licence? I love your response.

    The birds remind me of a village square and everyone sitting around commenting for some reason.


  8. “Finish it” was my first instinct. Nah, too demanding was second. “Think often about next brushstroke.” Supporting your creativity for yourself, for your own reasons, for the life. yours, naomi

  9. Betty says:

    I LOVE your birds Anne! I would call it “yackity yack”. Not a photograph either.

  10. Pauline says:

    Love the way the colors in the feeder tray compliment the feather colors.

    We have stores here in MA similar to your Value Village. Now that I’m officially a senior citizen, I get a discount.

  11. Love the painting! And the “not a document” comment. This weekend we noticed that a painting in our rented room on Catalina Island showed the Casino but it was reversed from its actual location in the city. We finally decided it was artistic license. 🙂

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