What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

Elk in Yukon

My last blog post of 2013 was in August. In September my British daughter and a friend traveled with Jerry and me to Alaska. BD and friend stayed with us for a few days and then went on adventures of their own. We stayed in Alaska until the middle of October, came home for a couple of weeks and then flew to New Zealand for a 3 week trip in the South Island with my cousins Jocelyn and Albert.

I took a picture of the elk in the above painting on a frosty morning in Yukon. I took the portrait of Albert to New Zealand and gave it to Joc and Albert. It was done from a picture I had taken almost 10 years ago. The penguins I saw in Milford Sound, New Zealand.



Portrait of Albert

Penguins at Milford Sound

Jerry and I got back from New Zealand on December 7 and we were off again in 10 days to England for Christmas with BD and family.  The portraits of my grandduaghters Catherine and Liz I gave to their father for Christmas.

Portrait of Catherine

Portrait of Liz

This landscape, from a picture I took on the way home from Alaska, I gave my grandson Tom as a Christmas present.

The Cassiar Highway in autumn

South Island landscape

The South Island landscape I gave to Liz for Christmas.

Pig family

My granddaughter Katy came for a visit while I was doing this large painting of pigs from a picture I took in New Zealand. Katy went with me to a painting workshop I often go to at Lorna Libert’s studio. She tried her hand at painting too.

Katy and me at Lorna's workshop

Jerry and I had to go to Arizona in connection with the dispute over Bert’s will. I visited my sister Fran in San Diego on the same trip. These two young women I saw on the beach in La Jolla where Jerry and I stayed.

La Jolla beach

The painting below is from a picture I took of an affluent young Chinese woman having her picture taken by a friend at the museum in Shanghai. I visited my daughter, Clare, there a couple of years ago.

Chinese girl having picture taken at museum

The Keas were stealing food at an eatery at Arthur’s Pass in South Island, New Zealand.

Kea at Arthur's Pass

I took a photo of this balloon seller when I visited Katy in the Dominican Republic.

Selling balloons in Santo Domingo

The chicken was photographed on the same visit. It is one of my favorite paintings.

Jungle chicken in the Dominican Republic

The landscape is from our trip with Jocelyn and Albert.

In the South Island, New Zealand

I thought Arizona was an awful place — at least the part we visited where Bert used to spend his winters and where he caught valley fever. But as an art teacher I once had liked to say, “Art is everywhere.”

My hate picture of Arizona

Clare and Jason are back from China living in San Francisco. They brought these cats from China at great expense. They are very decorative.

Clare and Jason's cate imported from China

I specially like to paint birds. The pelicans I saw in La Jolla, the geese were from our canal trip with British Daughter a couple of years ago, and the Paradise Duck is from our trip to the South Island, New Zealand.

Pelicans in La Jolla

Geese on the Oxford Canal

Paradise Duck

My current resolve is to keep painting and keep blogging. I hope I can do both, but I also, now that it is summer, must keep up my garden and I have taken up bread baking, and of course, there’s always knitting projects. Where does the time go?


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15 Responses to What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

  1. Tessa says:

    I think you should change the name of your blog to A Well-travelled Woman! Your paintings are just wonderful.

  2. marja-leena says:

    Wonderful paintings and the little snippets of information with them! You are amazing in getting all these done along with your travels and family visits. Have a great summer.

  3. Oh my. Oh my oh my.
    I love your paintings – and am in awe.

  4. dkzody says:

    Your work is beautiful. I am so envious of that great talent you have for putting what you see onto paper/canvas. You certainly keep the road hot, moving from place to place. Must make for great stories (as well as paintings.)

  5. Hattie says:

    Your painting has really taken off! Wow! I guess we can forgive you for your absence from the blogging world.
    I was in Arizona and believe it or not found things to love there. But it is maddening to see much of it ruined when there are so many wonders of nature like the Grand Canyon and some of the areas around Sedona.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I’m impressed. I really love the portrait of Albert!
    Your travel schedule is admirable!

  7. Mary says:

    I love your paintings. My favorites in this post are the geese (that water!) and the tree in New Zealand. I’m so glad you are back!

  8. Tabor says:

    I guess you were creating an art gallery!! Better than blogging any day.

  9. wisewebwoman says:

    I am amazed you even find time for one blog post with all that you do. I am really really partial to the painting you gave grandson of the road and the truck. It completely pulled me in. That said, all of them are brilliant and your portraits gorgeous.

    Between the travel and the painting you are such an inspiration 🙂


  10. Dale Favier says:

    The Kea is the one that arrests my eye. Such a sense of the luminosity of shaded places, in that. You have so much skill with blue, those intense drenched blues!

  11. Betty Bishop says:

    Wow! talk about not wasting a minute! I love your work – went through it 3 times but couldn’t find a clear winner. “Albert”? – your blue eyed granddaughters? The bikinied women?The Jungle chicken with the very determined walk [could that be you]? The Mom pig and her piglets? or the Paradise Duck? Congratulations Anne.

  12. ernestine says:

    Oh my
    I am so impressed.
    This one
    always wanted
    to take up painting…

  13. Amazing. Makes me tired just to imagine trying to do all that.

    I like the painting with the balloons best, but they’re all impressive.

  14. PattyM says:

    Wow! What awesome gifts for your family! You are an amazing woman.

  15. Hattie says:

    I was so glad to see these paintings “in person.”

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