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Things done, things yet to do

Putting in the well pump was an ordeal. The house water was off for 2 days. Many people here do not have any indoor plumbing, but I am a sissy, I need water from faucets inside. For 2 days I … Continue reading

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A new pump for the well

Things are changing a little bit in our life in Manley. Jerry built a base for a new bed, and since we had a mattress that we bought the last time we went to Fairbanks we are now sleeping in … Continue reading

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Living in Manley

Here we are, Jerry and I, in Manley Hot Springs. For anyone first time visiting this blog let me explain that Manley is 150 miles west of Fairbanks, Alaska. It isn’t near anything else and when I walk in the … Continue reading

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Out to Dinner

Mostly I go out to dinner so I won’t have to cook and wash up. It’s nice to be waited on for a change. I care about the food, of course; I don’t like it to be terrible. With age … Continue reading

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I’ve been painting again.

I am hopeless at multitasking. When I paint I don’t blog, and I seem to need to paint all the time. And silly Facebook takes up computer time. The young man above, playing a saw, I took a photo of … Continue reading

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Caterpillars and population

For the past 3 weeks caterpillars have carpeted the outdoors, and when they can they sneak inside. Most of them are about 2 inches long, orange and black segmentally striped and covered with fuzzy tan fur. They move remarkably fast. … Continue reading

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What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

My last blog post of 2013 was in August. In September my British daughter and a friend traveled with Jerry and me to Alaska. BD and friend stayed with us for a few days and then went on adventures of … Continue reading

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Being an Old Woman

I traveled to Florida 2 weeks ago for the wedding of my very young grandson, Nick. There I was the only really old person among an extended and fractured family. I was away from home for 4 days. I worry … Continue reading

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A ramble through history of a personal kind

First, a brief apology. I have been absent from this blog since last August, a long time. But, as you see, I am not dead, just dilatory. There has been much travel, New Zealand, England, Alaska; difficulties of the family … Continue reading

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Island industry

There’s so much I can’t blog about. There’s the endless legal dispute over Jerry’s brother’s will. I am prohibited by our lawyers from writing about it. Suddenly my children’s problems absorb my attention. I can’t write about the personal lives … Continue reading

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