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Papageno, the well known poodle

After I came home form the hospital I spent a lot of time resting on my bed with my 2 toy poodles keeping me company, one on each side. Fluffy, an old fellow of 15 with only 2 teeth remaining, … Continue reading

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The comfort of women

I’ve been thinking about social life. Although I am old now, I try to remember how it was when I was young. Part of my childhood was spent with few other children to play with. In semi rural Massachusetts at … Continue reading

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A ramble through history of a personal kind

First, a brief apology. I have been absent from this blog since last August, a long time. But, as you see, I am not dead, just dilatory. There has been much travel, New Zealand, England, Alaska; difficulties of the family … Continue reading

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Marriage and the family, part II: alcoholism

I have been married 4 times. I am a reasonably conventional person, and so I find this fact somewhat embarrassing. I often think it means something is wrong with me. People who stay married to the same person for a … Continue reading

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Marriage and the family, part 1

In the old days when I was in college, marriage and the family along with basket weaving, was a course to take if you wanted an automatic A without doing any work. But you did have to show up for … Continue reading

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Sunday Lunch

Sometimes I think I’ll have a party. A big party, perhaps, inviting all the people I can think of. Or maybe a small dinner party with a few guests chosen because they have common interests. Or a medium sized party … Continue reading

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The inner eye

I have had a couple of quiet weeks at home since returning from New Zealand.  It has alternately snowed and rained.  The world is soggy; the llamas in the field down the road look soaked and sad. The grass is … Continue reading

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A ramble in New Zealand

An easy flight, and now 3 weeks in New Zealand.  The trip, as always, is a mix of memory (I spent a year here when I was 13), family stories (my mother was a New Zealander), wilderness wandering and getting … Continue reading

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The importance of place

On the ferry Malaspina coming, home from Alaska, most of the passengers were military families being moved from Alaska to some other place. There were single men and women and couples but a lot of the military families had children … Continue reading

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A life lived by impulse

When I first began to blog I wrote an account of Jerry’s and my late life courtship.  I only had a few readers then.  This is part  I of 2 posts written almost 2 years ago.  I thought it would … Continue reading

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