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The Morris chair

For the past month I have been preoccupied with a painting class.  Soon I plan to write about that, but for now here is a quick look at something that drew comments in my last (hastily written) post. I included … Continue reading

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Thoughts about how we animals behave

The last 2 weeks have been occupied with family.  My second daughter and her husband are finally off to China.  They stayed here with Jerry and me for six weeks waiting for official papers from China certifying them as “foreign … Continue reading

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What shall we call it?

In one of my former lives I was a scientist.  I was a second rate scientist, because I was too lazy to learn the math needed to be a first rate one, and too disorganized and easily bored to be … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

I am going to England. I am going to see my beautiful daughter and 3 of her beautiful children. I am going to help my daughter move out of the house she has lived in for 25 years.  We will … Continue reading

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Driving through Yukon, remembering Lola

When Jerry and I go to and fro to our house in Alaska we drive through Yukon Territory.  When we do I always think of Lola Estee.  Yukon is a wild and beautiful place, but not as wild as it … Continue reading

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My father was a spy

This account is based on 3 main sources:  First, my own recollection, with the internet to check dates (I hope I have them all correct); second, a book by Alistair Cook, A Generation on Trial, and finally the transcripts of … Continue reading

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Visiting Steve

I started writing this on my birthday trip to visit my son, Steve, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I was 77 last Sunday. Three weeks ago my son was 56. He is still a surprise, a worry and a … Continue reading

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Life and food, part 4

I was 42 when I finished my Ph. D.  Then I spent 9 months in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California Medical School in the Anatomy Department working as a post doctoral fellow.  A group from the department … Continue reading

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Mother’s last years: How we treat the very old. Part II

Today, January 25, 2009, is the third anniversary of my mother’s death.  This post is about her last 6 months of life, and it ends with a question which I keep asking myself.  I don’t know the answer.                            … Continue reading

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Food and Life, part 3

The year has turned.  I’m on a diet.  Like Ronni Bennett’s aunt Edith, I want to be thin one more time before I die.  So possibly this is not the best time to be thinking and writing about food.  But … Continue reading

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