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Holding a lamb

The weather outside is frightful – well, it’s beautiful but cold as ______ (you fill in the blank).  There’s a heap of snow.  It coats the tree branches, making the woods look like Narnia.  The birds are hungry, and they … Continue reading

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Dinner parties and mountain climbing

Tonight two couples are coming for dinner.  One is a couple from Alaska that Jerry enjoys talking to, because his favorite subject is Alaska.  The other is my second cousin, Jon and his wife.  Jon and I are both from … Continue reading

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Life and food, part 2

This Christmas I won’t have to fret about what to have in the house for my family to eat.  For the first time in 54 years I will probably be without children or grandchildren. It will be just Jerry and … Continue reading

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Life and food, part 1

Which is more important, food or sex? One sustains life, the other perpetuates it. I guess that’s the reason one or the other subject is usually lurking in the recesses of the mind as we go through the day, and perhaps the … Continue reading

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A childhood with 3 mothers

I had 3 mothers.  This is how it came about.  My mother, Marion, gave birth to me in 1932.  She and my father were living in Washington, DC. They were both economists, trained at the London School of Economics. I … Continue reading

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